Afghan Kitchen South Surrey

Afghan Kitchen South Surrey. Location: Surrey, BC

Afghan Kitchen South Surrey presents a modern take on Afghan food. Their food is flavourfully dense and completely wows your tastebuds. Dining at Afghan Kitchen South Surrey was my first experience trying Afghan cuisine. I was absolutely delighted when I took a bite of their Kofta (Afghan style meat patties). Their Kofta and Beef Skewers were seasoned with vibrant middle eastern spices that ultimately brought the dish alive. The meat entrees were accompanied with their fragrant Afghan rice, sautéed spinach and soft Afghan bread that resembled the texture of focaccia. Afghan Kitchen's chef salad was the star of the show as the display made you feel it was too gorgeous to dig in to. Afghan Kitchen South Surrey is sure to impress you with their attractive presentation that showcase each element of the dish.

On the subject of dessert, I was wonderfully introduced to their Sheer Yakh (rosewater ice cream served with cream, pistachios and cardamom) and their Mum's Secret cake. Before dining at Afghan Kitchen South Surrey I was not a huge fan of rosewater ice cream until I tried theirs! The creaminess of the ice cream and the richness of the condense milk served with their Mum's Secret cake is a delightful way to end off your charming Afghan feast. My appreciation for Afghan food has grown exponentially because of Afghan Kitchen South Surrey's exceptional representation of Afghan cuisine. 

KellyEats Ratings out of 5:

Food: 5

Service: 5

Ambiance: 5 


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